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NL100 Leakfinder

Stakes: Small · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: leak finder, 4betting, floating, check-raising
Jack leakfinds a friend who plays NL100 and picks up on some bad habits that most people develop at some stage.
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James Morin (Archide) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 127 13 Nov, 2011
Free Member
OK nice, good food for thought.

Nathan - this wasn't my video, just saying I appreciate the time people take to educate all of us.
Nathan Evers (Teevers) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 70 12 Nov, 2011
Coach Verified Member
Great work James!

The last time we spoke in May you were playing 5nl! How did you climb the stakes so fast?

Great job again.

Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 12 Nov, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
well we saw in the 88 hand that he didnt actually fire the 2nd barrel, he checked the turn and the river. thats fairly common, and much easier way to get value is to min raise the flop or something like that. he is for sure going to peel with such good pot odds and the fact in his eyes you can be bluffing - then you can bet small on turn/river in a much bigger pot than if u just flat the flop. whilst this might look like you're milking him, a bad player wont know that really, and once the pot gets big and he gets a good price to call, hes going to more often than not. if you start to see him folding when you raise flop/ bet turn then you can start to flat more with your good hands and bluff-raise instead. but first off i want to see if he is prepared to call my down when i actually have it (because he will more often than not).
James Morin (Archide) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 127 12 Nov, 2011
Free Member
Hey Jack, thanks for reviewing and posting. You mention at about 8 minutes in on a 57Q board with QJ where a guy pots the flop into two people with 88, that you will make a note and with top pair good kickerish hands you'll raise the flop when he pots.

Most people you'll call and try to get to show down cheaper.

I have problems getting my brain to think like that. I normally think ok well he'll pot and get to showdown cheaper with his weaker hands, but if I raise he's folding out everything I beat, and snapping me off when he has a hand.

Isn't this better off when you know the guy will fire a second barrel with 88? If he's going to check down mid pairs on the turn and river, that's perfect for you, and maybe throw out 1/4-1/3 pot on the river for value?
Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 11 Nov, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
and obv ur river check raise reps like nothing except 88. so narrow perceived value range + lots of potential hands turned into bluffs + he knows he cant have the nuts = more likely to get looked up
Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 11 Nov, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
as you move up you really need to think about your perceived range - when you bet river here you almost always have an ace whereas when you check you really rep mid pairs, so yeah he might not always value bet like qq-kk but he should. he will always bet an ace for sure, and he may bluff sometimes too (though not totally sure why he would check back turn and bet river if he has air).

also regarding check raise, once you move up its really easy spot for him to say 'oh sigh, i checked back the turn so he knows my range is capped, blah blah i call'
BloOd LusT (w1ntermadness) · Join Date: 22 Mar, 2011 · Number of posts: 7 11 Nov, 2011
Free Member Verified Member
Good video as usual
In the hand where hero peels the flop with AK on 237dd SB vs UTG, I usually choose to bet rivers in that spots because people A) are never folding an ace B) don't give you credit for having an ace/value betting TT-QQ and they'll put too many bluff combos in your flop call range C) are likely to NOT bet medium strength hands like JJ-QQ because they're scared of the A and they dont think ur calling often enough D) snap fold to the river CR because its always for value at the lowbies stakes

obviously what it comes down to is that i play vs non-thinking regfish here at 50 NL a
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