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Peter K: Free hand history review part 1/2

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: session review
Pete reviews some hand history files submitted by members. This is Part 1 of 2.
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Drasko Klikovac (konfuchie) · Join Date: 9 Aug, 2012 · Number of posts: 0 9 Aug, 2012
Free Member
I actually think the line hero took with TT is optimal.
In most cases villain's isolation 3-bet is quite wide and we are doing well against that range in position with TT. There are few scenarios where flat calling is profitable.
1st if UTG calls we are definitively happy with just our set mining odds and imlied odds.
2nd if UTG folds and villain has QQ+ and we hit our set we will very often stack him.
3rd if UTG folds and villain has AK or random broadways that do not contain a Q he will c-bet and shut down when we call and 6h hits, and will end up winning the pot either by getting to showdown or by betting the turn ourselves.

On the other hand when hand plays out like it did we are quite sure we are beat, expect against a double barreling flush draw that will usually contain at least one overcard and we are best to fold against the range of overpairs and Qx-es and flush draws with overcards and obviously sometimes A5.

There is IMO no merit in raising the flop because almost all the hands that will double barrel will also call your re-raise and when the 6h comes on the turn you are in an even tougher spot and invested almost half of your stack, and if you check back the turn you are almost certain to loose the pot on the river because you can't stand a bet. For the same amount of information you pay much less by just calling.
iaaraadiaatra iaaraadiaatra (youchoose2) · Join Date: 13 Nov, 2011 · Number of posts: 0 21 Nov, 2011
Free Member
If this is micro stakes I agree that balancing is not nearly as necessary as coaches (obv used to higher stakes) think! However I still need to consider raising 3bet flops w/o the effective nuts or a draw sometimes
chad stein (chadstein) · Join Date: 31 Oct, 2011 · Number of posts: 0 31 Oct, 2011
Free Member
We need a "bluff" raising range to balance out the times we're raising here with QQ, 77, and 55. If villain's know that we only raise the nuts, it allows them to play perfectly against us.

Also, it's worth mentioning that 4betting pre flop with TT balances the times we're 4betting with AA. If your 4b range is solely AKss, KK+ then, once again, villain's can play perfectly.

No need to consider these things in the micros.
Kieran Barry (Slowjoe) · Join Date: 3 Aug, 2011 · Number of posts: 1 2 Oct, 2011
Free Member
I agree with Joe. SPR on the flop is 80/15 = 4.5 or so, so why do we have a raising range? To protect against a FD? Villain has a FD here way less than 25% of time.

I guess it might be because a third club might kill our action.
Joe G (zzzzzzzz) · Join Date: 20 Jun, 2011 · Number of posts: 32 1 Oct, 2011
Free Member
I just got around to watching this one last night. I have a minor q about the hand where you suggest raise/folding the TT in the 3bet pot. You say here that we need to be capable of bluff-raising this flop to balance the times when we raise with sets. But we never really need to raise sets, because 100bb deep we can easily get all the money in just by calling down or betting when checked to.

I'm not sure I'm convinced that we need to have any flop raising range at all, either for value or as a bluff...
Peter K (peterpjames) · Join Date: 13 May, 2011 · Number of posts: 58 29 Sep, 2011
Coach Verified Member
Hey guys -- this vid was originally longer but some audio problems made Jack need to cut it off and I recorded a part 2 with more hands! I think part 2 is better but oh well. Ask me any questions you have, I hope you enjoy.
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