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Peter K: Free hand history review part 2/2

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: session review
Pete reviews some hand history files submitted by members. This is Part 2 of 2.
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Peter K (peterpjames) · Join Date: 13 May, 2011 · Number of posts: 58 5 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
Oops didn't mean to end that comment. To continue, I think in general when we're OOP it's a good idea to make stacks shallower and bloat the pot. We can do that via a 3bet, donking large, check raising large, etc. If you play 77 OOP I don't think against any sort of competent opponent that check raising when we hit a set and check calling when the board isn't too scary is a great plan because of all the equity random hands will have vs us, good scare cards to barrel, etc. So for me taking down dead money with a 3bet is a little bit better, though still not ideal. It's a sticky spot for a reason. And yes, if at 10NL nobody ever folds to 3bets then it'll be tough to 3bet 77 and get in all sorts of nasty spots postflop, so that's where a HUD comes in handy no matter what level you're at.
Peter K (peterpjames) · Join Date: 13 May, 2011 · Number of posts: 58 5 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
Yes I think at 10NL it's far better than at 100NL+, for instance, but I don't play 10NL so I don't know what kind of droolers exist there and if people never ever fold an overpair/top pair then yep you should set mine.

But in terms of long term progression as a poker player I'm just trying to get across my philosophy which basically is put on lots of pressure in position and when you're out of position if you're going to play a hand you'd better have a plan.
Craig Russell (crussty1) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 27 3 Oct, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
Nice video man.

Leaning to your side with the J9o being better to flat than fold. Before this video I would have said 3bet>fold>call...now I'm leaning towards 3bet>call>fold. 3bet or flat should largely depend on the blinds (i.e if squeeze happy/huge fish etc ).

I'm still unsure about 3betting 7s from blinds at 10nl though. Interesting to hear your thoughts and I'm glad you implied it's better at higher stakes than micros as I def agree with that but at 10nl I much prefer a flat. Interesting discussion for sure though :)
Peter K (peterpjames) · Join Date: 13 May, 2011 · Number of posts: 58 3 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
1) If the mass majority of people are playing in one way, it doesn't mean that's wrong or that we have to do anything different...but if we are able to play in a style that they are not used to facing that can give us an edge. I mean so many regs are used to auto piloting through the same spots time and time again; same bet sizes, same basic decisions, etc. They are used to battling other regs in similar situations, stack depths, etc. If we can take different lines that they aren't used to seeing it can give us a little bit of an edge until they adjust.

2) A lot of what I do isn't anything special, just hand reading, aggression, etc. I get away with as much as my opponents will allow. Against better players, including some regs at my level and many if I were to play higher, there's no way in hell they'd let me get away with what I do because they'll be comfortable fighting back at me and adjusting their ranges to get it in lighter. I think one thing that small stakes regs can work on is taking advantage of all profitable situations to the max, kind of like if you're folding J9o on the button when a guy is raising 39% cutoffs in this video. If we have position and they are that loose, abuse them!
C H (Prezence) · Join Date: 1 Jun, 2011 · Number of posts: 38 2 Oct, 2011
Free Member
Wow! That is an awesome video Pete, very nicely done!!

For me, the most interesting thing to note are some of the reactions that I think and feel about what you're saying ... and I believe that after years of watching videos where everyone is pretty much saying the same thing it becomes so ingrained to think a certain way about playing poker and anything that doesn't conform with these "agreed upon" methods, seems "wrong"...

I find myself watching and listening here and consciously suspending my disbelief so that I can attempt to understand what you are conveying, because as you say yourself, it's unorthodox and then a couple things hit me really hard:

1) If the mass majority of folks are playing poker a certain way, shouldn't we perhaps consider that it may be in our best interest to take a different approach (certainly at least consider it) so that we are much more difficult to play against?

2)In the current climate of online poker where there are more and more players who are learning and playing decently and win rates are declining ... why is it that you not only are beating the games, but quite seriously destroying them using your unique approach and the way that you think about it even though it is quite different from the norm.

I'm not trying to blow smoke up you azz here ... I just want others to contemplate those two things because if you seriously take some time to mull it over and think about the style you play/coach, it just flat out is getting results and thats not debateable.

The challenge is changing thought processes that are so ingrained both in poker play and in our we as individuals are hard wired. My "wiring" and play will take ALOT of conscious effort to open my game up to play this style ... I find it downright scary and uncomfortable ....

... but I also believe that you are a very deep thinker and care about other folks getting results and it shows in the way you teach ... so please, continue to share ... this is the nutz!!
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